Poison Ivy Wash & Dry 3.3 fluid oz.


The only thing that works for me!  Bouts would last 6 weeks!  No More!  Gone in almost a week! And… Instant Itch Relief!

Just use in shower before bedtime. Cover area with cloth to absorb drainage. In the morning, rash has very little drainage, if any! If itch redevelops, repeat procedure.

Contains limonene and walnut shells. Do not use if you have contact allergies to tree nuts, turpentine, or wax polish. Do not get in or near eyes.

For complete directions for use, click here.

Ivy Wash & Dry – Washing & Rinsing

For complete directions for use, click here.

This oil soap removes the urushiol from the skin which causes the rash. Best done before bedtime in the shower, rub the affected area with Ivy Wash & Dry until it no longer itches, or about 30 seconds. Then, thoroughly rinse area with extremely warm water to assure that all the oil suspended in the product is rinsed away completely.

Drying & Covering

After washing and rinsing, do not dry washed rash area with towel.  Quickly dry surrounding area and wrap, or cover and tape, with a clean cotton cloth to absorb any drainage that will probably occur. You may cut off the sleeves of long-sleeve tee shirts for your calves and the calf part of tall cotton crew socks for your arms to serve as wraps. In the morning remove wrap or cover, throw them in the washer, and wash with hot water and detergent before reuse and go about your day.

Re-Wash If Necessary

If new blisters appear and/or itching begins again, repeat the process again in the shower before bedtime. Rarely does the process have to be repeated after the second washing and covering. If the rash still waters but doesn’t itch, continue to cover the affected area at night to absorb the liquid. If it doesn’t water and the itch has extremely subsided, the healing has begun and there is no need to continue washing with Ivy Wash & Dry. Note: When healing, there may be an itch but will feel more like a scab would itch than a rash itch.  Only use Ivy Wash & Dry again if the rash itches as though it has not been treated. Follow the directions completely that will come shipped with Ivy Wash & Dry. Missing any of the steps could result in delayed healing or spreading to other parts of the body through improper washing or rinsing.

  • Contains walnut shells. Do not use if allergic to tree nuts.
  • Contains limonene.  Do not use if you have contact allergy with wax polish or turpentine. Limonene is a naturally occurring substance in trees, plants, and fruits.
  • Eye Irritant. Grit and other ingredients may irritate eyes.  In case of contact, flush with water for 15 minutes and call physician.


Weight 6 oz
Immediate Itch Relief!

Itching is removed during the washing process! Heavenly!

Washes Away Urushiol!

Poison Ivy/Oak contact transfers urushiol to skin which causes the rash. Ivy Wash & Dry washes the urushiol off skin! Rinsing well is required also.

Speeds Recovery!

Although highly allergic to poison ivy/oak/sumac, my rash always appears greatly improved the first morning after washing and covering as directed. I usually wash Ivy Wash & Dry two to three times (i.e., three consecutive days before bedtime). Rash is gone in 7-10 days.


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