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preschool thank you001_100PPI

I went to an open house of a new daycare in my area when i saw this book and DVD at a booth. I thought it would be something my granddaughter would like, so I purchased both, the printed book and DVD. Turns out it was well worth it! When she visits we start out reading the book, which keeps her attention. Then we play the DVD and she is almost mesmerized by it! You can just see her pretty little brain at work watching the spider through her travels. I have another grandchild coming and cant wait to let him, or her, enjoy the book and DVD too!
Peoria, IL

My grandson, then four, sat on my lap and did not blink an eye until the animated book finished playing. Then, without missing a beat, he said, “Watch it again, Grandma!” Four times he watched it until he was satisfied. Having memorized most of the rhyming story, he recites the words before they are narrated. He loves to watch what happens to the spider! Cameron is five now and taps the icon daily to play it on his Kindle Fire!
Grandma YaYa
West Virginia

My grandson and daughter loved the book and DVD. My granddaughter can read the book and then we watch the DVD with her 3 year old brother. She likes to coach him with the book. They are so cute with the right the tools!

Thank you for giving great learning and entertainment for the youth!
Lorie Bratten

This book took a wonderful twist on the classic children's song. I shared it with my Pre-K classes and they really enjoyed the DVD version. They were glued to the TV as they were following the itsy bitsy spider's adventures. I will definitely be purchasing the iBook for our classroom iPad!
Mallory Carr
West Virginia

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