A Few Hours in the Life of a Child

The Chosen One

A few hours in the life of a child can seem like a lifetime to the parents, depending on the circumstances. Drywall has to be destroyed sometimes! In my family, there is a sweet newcomer of almost two years whose smile and personality light up any room she occupies.  We’ll call her Lillyn . . . because that is her name.  Being the first girl born, following three boys, she was an extremely welcome addition to the family and has the heart of her brothers and parents.

Locked Up!

It happened that I heard it through the grapevine and found hilariously funny, a tale of two hours in the life of a child, Lillyn, and the story as I remember it.  Lillyn’s parents never stray too far from her in an attempt to protect her from all evils. However, one afternoon Lillyn was using a bedroom closet as a playroom, going in and out, in and out, while her mother toiled nearby.  Somehow, on the ‘in’ cycle, she managed to turn the lock on the closet door knob and locked herself inside!  The calm of the situation quickly turned to panic when her mother realized there was no ‘little hole in the door knob’ to poke the lock open nor was there a key to be found.  Mom called Dad and he was soon on his way home to save his baby girl.

Kinda Cool In Here!

In the meantime, Mom began stuffing comfort items under the door for her distraught daughter, who,  according to my informant, was not nearly as hysterical as her mother, .  The items stuffed under the closet door included her binky, blanket,  iPod-like video game (she really liked that one),  snacks, and, I believe, a small flashlight.  Pretty cool! Locked in a dark room and, all of a sudden, all kinds of great stuff starts to appear from the door bottom crack!   . . . and, best of all, most of the these things Lillyn would usually have to battle for!

Dad To The Rescue

Dad rushed home as quickly as possible to assess the situation.  He decided that a hole would have to be cut in the drywall about four to five high to avoid cutting his prize possession and large enough to pull her to freedom.  So he did.  In calmer times, a hole big enough for a hand to reach in to turn the knob might have been more rational . . . I’m just saying . . .    The two-hour drama ended with Lillyn safe in her parents’ arms, a few levels higher on the video game, and ready for her late afternoon nap with a belly full of snacks.

The drywall guys will bust a chuckle at this one.

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